2019 Race Schedule

My 2019 race planning is pretty much complete. Looking forward to getting after new goals — Sub 3hr marathon and a Sub 80min half marathon.

Ultras (1)

  1. Squamish 50km (Sunday, August 18 – Squamish, BC) – coming out of ultra “retirement” to pace Dennene Huntley to a new course PR by more than an hour

Marathons (4)

  1. Eugene Marathon (Sunday, April 28 – Eugene, OR) – my next attempt at a sub 3hr marathon finish time **Use code PAULEM19 to save $10 off registration**
  2. Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon (Sunday, June 9 – Seattle, WA) – just for fun
  3. Mt. Hood Marathon – Revel Series (Saturday, June 29 – Mt. Hood, OR) – aiming for a new marathon PR
  4. NYC Marathon (Sunday, November 3 – New York, NY) – will be aiming for a BQ time of < 3hr10min

Half Marathons (2)

  1. MEC Greater Vancouver Road Race #2 (Saturday, March 2 – Burnaby, BC) – will be a hard tempo training run
  2. MEC Greater Vancouver Road Race #5 (Sunday, Spetember 29 – Richmond, BC) – will be my attempt at a sub80 half

15km (1)

  1. Birch Bay Road Race (Saturday, April 6 – Blaine, WA) – back to defend my 15k title

10km (1)

  1. Vancouver Sun Run (Sunday, April 14 – Vancouver, BC) – aiming for a new 10km PR

5km (1)

  1. Eugene 5km (Saturday, April 27 – Eugene, OR) – this will be a fun run

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